Tuckshop Information

At this stage, we do not have a parent volunteer who is willing to take on the role as Tuckshop Convenor. 
So if you are interested in this role which can be a shared role between two parents, please contact the office.​

The School Tuckshop operates each Friday, providing a range of choices for lunch. Children must have orders written on a paper bag with money secured inside and handed in on Thursday. These are placed in a tuckshop basket in each classroom.

The Tuckshop Convenor is a volunteer parent who relies on other parents to assist in providing this service. Volunteers are rostered one shift every four weeks on average. If you think you could spare a few hours every now and then, please contact the school office.


To order your child's Tuckshop please use​ the Qkr app.  Please remember to send in your child's Tuckshop reusable​ lunch bag on Thursdays as usual!

Qkr is the cashless way to pay for your Tuckshop and Uniform Shop purchases. It will also be used for other school events throughout the year that require payment.

Instructions for downloading the app is below. If you need any assistance, please call into the office.

  • QKR does not have any fees.
  • QKR only takes the money from your bank account when you place your order.
  • QKR orders need to be made before 8.00am on Friday morning.
  • QKR orders may be placed up to 2 weeks in advance.