Student Behaviour Support Plan

Mary Immaculate Primary School, in partnership with the wider community, is committed to providing the best possible educational opportunities for all students within a safe and respectful learning and teaching environment.

All members of our school community are encouraged and expected to involve themselves in supporting the goals of our School Student Behaviour Support Plan (SBSP) by nurturing the enjoyment of learning, by conducting themselves as responsible, respectful community members and by managing themselves appropriately.

The school community holds the following beliefs about behaviour and learning:

  • We believe that student behaviour affects and is affected by the context and behaviour of others.
  • We believe that students need to be taught expected school behaviour through explicit teaching, modelling, scaffolding and rehearsal of skills and strategies.
  • We believe that expectations about behaviour choices and their consequences, both positive and negative, need to be clear and consistent.
  • We believe that a student’s capacity to make responsible behaviour choices comes about through the building of positive and open relationships between parent/s and school staff.
  • We believe that positive relationships are critical for maximizing appropriate behaviour and achieving learning outcomes.
  • We believe that appropriate behaviour is foundational to a positive learning environment.

To read more about our Student Behaviour Support Plan, please click on the link below.


Student Behaviour Support Plan