Enrolment Information

Parents wishing to enquire regarding enrolment at Mary Immaculate are encouraged to view all aspects of our website as is contains all the necessary information regarding our school. There is an email link for further enquiries (pannerley@bne.catholic.edu.au) and an enrolment form and guidelines that can be downloaded or alternatively you can submit your enrolment application online. If, after reading the information, parents decide to apply for enrolment for their child to the school, the enrolment form is to be forwarded to the school at the earliest possible time so that an interview can be arranged. All applications for enrolment will be considered within the bounds of the Brisbane Catholic Education Policy and the following criteria:

  • Child has an older sibling enrolled at Mary Immaculate
  • Catholic family belonging to the parish
  • Catholic family belonging to another parish
  • Catholic family transferring to another school
  • Non-Catholic family who supports the values/ethos of Catholic Education.