Farewell Mr Armstrong

As the term draws to a close, I would like to express my appreciation for the Mary Immaculate Community and the wonderful way our students, families and staff ‘Incline their hearts’. It is both a sad and joyful time as we farewell our Principal, Mr Armstrong. Mike is a person who cares deeply for everyone in our community and takes on board the full load of leadership responsibility with all that is joyful and all that is challenging. There are many positive and visible signs of Mike’s leadership in our community but the ‘greater outcomes’ in positive relationships are not so easily measured but more important for the welfare and future development of our students. Well done and best wishes to Mike.

We also warmly welcome Ms Lagi Aukusitino, our new Acting Principal. Lagi, like Mike Armstrong, is a similarly experienced and caring educational leader with much to offer to our learning community. Best wishes for a safe and refreshing holiday break.

farewell mike.jpg