Harmony Day

Harmony-Week-Web-Banner.jpgOur school community will focus on a topic that is close to the hearts of all of us as parents and as former students of schools - Harmony Week with a particular focus on 'Anti-bullying'. Every day is anti-bullying day at school and this is an ongoing challenge. How do we teach our children to be strong and resilient, and while still being caring and gentle? How do we encourage our children not to be bystanders and watch others be treated poorly? It takes a whole community to recognise this challenge across all aspects of society, workplaces, homes and institutions. Our school is constantly creating and re-creating a positive harmonious culture. We are all heavily invested in building and sustaining this culture, of way of being. Safety and wellbeing are essential for learning to take place. Please watch out for our 'Harmony Week' focus activities.​