QCMF Choir News


On Friday 18th August, both the Mary Immaculate Junior and Senior Choirs performed at QCMF – Queensland Catholic Music Festival – St James Church.


Big news….The Senior Centennial Choir consisting of 19 students from Years 3-6 were awarded a SILVER for their performance of Let Go the Long White Sails by Australian composer Paul Jarman and Rhythm of Life, a musical theatre song form Sweet Charity. Even though numbers were small, the adjudicators wrote very pleasing comments about the performance.

The adjudicators made the following pleasing comments:

  • a lovely sensitive performance

  • added dynamic (loud/soft) contrasts very, very well

  • great preparation and choreography

  • good sense of focus

  • strong sense of unison sound developing

  • 2 part singing developing well

  • an entertaining and enjoyable performance!! Bravo!


Some recommendations for improvement were also mentioned including breath management and intonation!

I would like to congratulate those students on this wonderful achievement and the splendid way they represented Mary Immaculate School. They gave up their ‘out of school’ time to represent the school in our special Centennial year. Great work!


Now the bigger news….

The Junior Choir received GOLD!!! Their performance of Song of Peace/Dona Nobis Pacem by Mary Donnelly and Everyone Belongs by Glynn Lehmann rocked the socks off the adjudicators!!

Their comments are as follows:

  • A sincere and effective performance

  • How absolutely gorgeous!

  • So many words to remember – you were champions!

  • The audience loved it and so did I!

  • Engaged focus

  • A well prepared and enjoyable performance!