School Photos - April 20 2017

msp photography.jpgSchool Photos will take place on Thursday 20th April. Every child has re-ceived their own individual envelope which MUST be returned on the day of the photos with the correct money or credit card option chosen. NO CHANGE WILL BE GIVE OUT BY THE PHOTOGRAPHER OR SCHOOL. Please consider the option that you would like to order. This year you can order online direct to the photographer. Sibling photo enve-lopes are attached to the eldest child in your family. NO LATE orders will be accepted. Any late orders will need to be referred to the photographer.
Please remember that FULL school uniform is required. Please make sure that uniforms are neat and shoes are polished. Hair is also to be neat and tidy, and if long, tied at the back of the head. For girls only, the school colours for hair ties/ribbons (Navy/White) are to be used. No other coloured ribbon in hair. Boys must wear their Mary Immaculate long socks.
Prep children wear their Prep uniform with Navy/Maroon ribbons/hair ties and white socks with their white sports shoes.