School Zone Signage

 school-zone.jpgWe are pleased to announce that Mary Immaculate has been selected for inclusion in Brisbane City Council’s 2018 Enhanced School Zone Signage program. This program was introduced by the Lord Mayor in 2015 and aims to improve safety for children travelling to and from school and assist in raising awareness of reduced speed limits (40 km/h) in school zones at peak times. Through the program, Council will install flashing ‘School Zone’ signs and painted ‘School Zone’ thresholds on Ipswich Road as commuters approach our school from both directions. The proposed plan has been carefully designed to ensure that it is effective in improving driver behaviour outside our school. The new safety measures will be installed in March during the school holidays.

This is such good news for our community! I take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank Mrs Danni Banks for her efforts in campaigning for the changes over the past few years!