Small School BIG Opportunities

You may have noticed the phrase ‘Small school - BIG Opportunities’ on the Ipswich Road sign recently. It is an important thing to remember, and something I always share with prospective families. Often these opportunities are optional extracurricular activities and sometimes these opportunities are provided to all students as part of the curriculum offering. This term some of our students have taken up the optional opportunity to participate in a chess program and all of our students have participated in the Dance Cart program.

chess.jpgChess Mates

The benefits of chess for children is well-documented. Two weeks ago, a group of 14 students from Prep to Year 6 commenced chess classes with Ash and Mitchell from Chess Mates. The program runs each Monday during the lunch break where younger students are taught piece development through stories, while older students are taught more complex ideas, such as opening moves, tactics, and planning in a fun environment where teamwork is encouraged.

When I visited last Monday’s session, students were putting their newly learnt strategies into practice by playing various chess games with their friends. I was impressed with the feedback being provided by both mentors. There are only a few places available so please contact Ash at should you wish for your child to be involved.

dance.jpgDance Cart

Throughout Term 2 all students have been involved in the Dance Cart Program, a dance program closely aligned with the Australian Curriculum. Dance Cart teaches what they call FUN Dance; not necessarily one style but rather a cross section of styles and techniques designed to get the most out of all students. No doubt your child has mentioned the program to you as it is very popular with all classes! The program culminates with an exciting performance and concert for parents at 2pm on the last day of term!