Word of the Week initiative

vocabviking.jpgAt last Monday's assembly we introduced the school wide 'Word of the Week' concept. The purpose of the 'Word of the Week' is to help build the vocabulary of all our learners. Vocabulary plays a vital part in developing successful readers and writers. Whilst most learners develop basic words incidentally prior to formal schooling (Tier 1 Words – car, dog, grass), other useful and important words do not teach themselves (Tier 2 words – adjectives and adverbs). Tier 2 words are those used by mature speakers and writers and are ones that embellish or emphasise. These words can be used in a range of contexts and may have multiple meanings. Tier 2 words are important for listening, writing and reading comprehension.

Each Monday at the whole school assembly, one child will be selected to be the Vocab Viking, our Word of the Week Mascot. The chosen student will randomly draw from the bucket a Tier 2 word. This word will then by explored by class teachers throughout the week in class and used across the school at different times.

To kick things off, our first Word of the Week is vocabulary. We felt it important that all our learners understand 'vocabulary' given its importance with what we are trying to achieve. We encourage all parents to take some time each week to chat with your child about the new selected word!