School History

Mary Immaculate Catholic Primary School was opened by the Sisters of the Sacred Heart on 30 April, 1917, on the site where the Marymac Community Centre now stands. It was originally called the Ipswich Road Convent School. After two years, the Sacred Heart Sisters moved to Stuartholme, to be replaced by the Sisters of St Joseph (1919). The name of the school was then changed to St Joseph’s Convent School.

In the 1950’s the name was changed once again, to Mary Immaculate Catholic Primary School. The Sisters of St Joseph continued to run the school for 72 years (1919-1991). Enrolments peaked in the 1960’s with approximately 500 students, and began to decline in the 1980’s due to changing demographics in the local area.

On April 30 2017, the school celebrated 100 years of Catholic education. The school continues the rich tradition of providing quality, inclusive education to members of the Annerley community and beyond.

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