Student Code of Conduct

As a school community, all learners are guided by the Active Learner framework. This framework describes the behaviours and Ways of Working (WoWs) which articulate the appropriate and positive behaviours and thinking expected of all learners.

Establishing Behaviour Expectations

At Mary Immaculate, there are many ways in which staff establish the behaviour expectations of our students. This behaviour is established at the classroom and whole school level when:‚Äč

  • Teachers use a variety of age appropriate pedagogies to explicitly teach the Active Learner WoWs which may include, but are not limited to: modelling, social stories, role-play, analysis of Literature, Circle Time and use of digital technology.
  • Teachers display and regularly refer to the Active Learner WoWs through the resources (banners, display poster and individual desk strips)
  • Teachers give consistent feedback to students in relation to the Active Learner WoWs.

Positive School Culture

The school community gathers together weekly for a Whole School Assembly. During these times, we create and enrich our positive school culture through class prayer, awards and education about the WoWs within the Active Learner framework.
At Mary Immaculate School, we teach the ACARA (Australian Curriculum, Assessment & Reporting Authority) General Capabilities which outline content that promotes resilience and pro-social behaviours. These include the:

  • Personal and Social Capability
  • Critical and Creative Thinking Capability
  • Ethical Capability

Mary Immaculate Student Behaviour Support Plan