We are a Reboot School


Mary Immaculate Primary School is a Reboot School! 

What is Reboot? It is a set of tools to thrive in learning and life.​

Reboot creates calm brain-friendly learning environments with actively engaged learners. Reboot shifts the focus from behaviour management to behaviour development, and builds the skills critical to learning success; self-regulation, problem-solving, metacognition and learning ownership. Help everyone develop the key social and emotional, and learning-how-to-learn skills needed to be both willing and capable of making the most of learning opportunities.

Mary Immaculate Primary School has brought the program into the school and made it a normal part of the school day. This helps us to communicate with our students and improve their well-being while the students feel empowered by learning to harness control over their behaviour. When you visit our school, you will find visual cues for Reboot throughout the classrooms, hallways and admin area. To book a tour at our school, please CLICK HERE​.

The Whole Brain Framework

The 7 steps in Reboot's Whole-Brain Framework synthesize best practices into one cohesive system. While the brain is infinitely complex and integrated vertically and horizontally, Reboot uses the neuro-metaphor of the 3 Brains. Following the neuro-sequential development of the brain, Reboot works through the priority needs of the 3 Brains ensuring that we feed the regulation needs of the Wild Brain (safety, connection, rhythm and predictability) and then the Emotional Brain's need for connection (positive relationships and experiences) to enable access to the fragile Smart Brain centre of higher order thinking to find reason in any situation.

Read more about the Whole-Brain Framework here.​

The Skills of Learning Success

​Reboot's 21 Core Tools are visually led and process-driven tools that explicitly teach and practice a core life and learning skill. When these skills are assumed, but not yet developed, a learner gets frustrated and can't make the most of their potential. Reboot's Tools empower learners with the insight, language and processes to experience learning success.

Use Reboot's 21 Core Tools to enhance:

  • Emotional literacy, self-regulation and self-responsibility
  • Metacognition and reflection on the learning process.
  • Explicit teacher of learning how-to-learn skills: strategies, effort, reflection, feedback, etc.
  • General self-awareness and daily self-management.
  • Motivation to engage and resilience.
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • Aspiration for change and value for short and long-term goal setting.
  • Positive relationship formation, maintenance and repair.
  • Learning tenacity and a growth mindset.​

​Reboot's Tools create a learning culture that normalises challenges and empowers active, curious and capable learners seeking to connect and create.

Read more about Reboot's 21 Core Tools here.

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With thanks to Reboot for permission to use these images.