Daily Routine, Absences and Late Arrivals

​Daily Routine​

​​​8:35am​ ​Session 1 commences
​First break eating time
​First break play time
​11.30am ​Session 2 commences
​1.30pm Second break (snack and short playtime)
​2.00pm ​Session 3 commences
​3.00pm ​End of school day


Parents are required to notify the school if their child is not attending due to illness or other reasons. Parents can notify the school via phone or via the BCE Connect App. If the school is not contacted by 9am, an automatic SMS message will be sent to the parent requesting that they contact the school to verify the child’s absence and reason.

Late Arrivals

Students are expected to be at school for the commencement of the school day. Any student arriving at school after 8:35am is noted in our attendance records as late.  Parents are required to accompany their child to the office to officially sign their child in.​