Chess Mates Program

​​Mary Immaculate Primary Schools offers the Chess Mates Program for your child to be part of. Classes are available on Wednesdays from 10.45 am to 11.30 am in our Student Wellbeing room. Read more about the program and book your child in:

The Benefits of Chess

It's been shown that learning to play chess from age 3 can improve a child's overall performance at school by nearly 20% compared to children who have not learnt chess. In other words, learning chess helps your child to leap ahead of their peers at school.

Chess classes help your child improve their attention span, develop emotional intelligence, make friends, and have fun... all at the same time.

How we teach chess to kids

At Chess Mates, your child is taught in a fun and engaging environment, with creative storytelling, chess puzzles, and games of chess. We also teach planning skills as they learn to think one step ahead!

Chess Mates chess classes are about learning, not just facilitating games of chess. Nor do we focus on winning. Instead, we teach about winning and losing in a supportive environment, so your child can learn to deal with both situations emotionally. We focus on how chess can be fun and help your child make new friends.

Chess Mates chess classes

All our teachers have current Blue Cards for working with children. In schools, we have up to 12 students per teacher, so your child receives the individual attention they deserve, while also learning and practising social skills, and making new friends.

School classes are 30 to 60 minutes in length. At the end of each term, you receive feedback on your child's progress and learning.

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*Above information is directly from the Chess Mates website.

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