Vision for Learning

​The Mary Immaculate Catholic Primary School Vision for Learning provides guidance and direction for all learning across the school community. Our Vision for Learning provides clarity and direction and comprises:

  • Beliefs
  • Values
  • Principles
  • Practices

Learner Centred Approach

Learners are unique and have different ways of thinking and learning.

  • Reflective practices and collaborative planning ensure the differentiation of curriculum to meet the needs of our diverse range of students.
  • A variety of data-informed pedagogies and strategies for teaching and learning is valued and encouraged.

Equity and Excellence for all Learners

Students' needs, backgrounds, perspectives and interests are reflected in learning and teaching.

  • Cultural diversity is valued and celebrated. 
  • Learning experiences are purposeful, engaging and enjoyable. 
  • A supportive team approach values and recognises effort, achievement and excellence.
  • Quality professional development is provided for staff.

Nurturing Community

Learning in a nurturing environment supports and encourages all learners to be the best that they can be.

  • Parents and staff work in partnership.
  • Open communication between home and school is encouraged and supported.
  • Opportunities are provided for engagement with the wider community.
  • Supportive administrative practices are in place for families.
  • A safe and supportive learning environment is a priority.

Our Catholic Faith

The traditions of our Catholic faith provide a strong foundation for learning and teaching.

  • Our community follows the example of Jesus and St Mary of the Cross Mac​Killop.
  • Opportunities for social action and justice are planned for and provided.
  • Religious Education experiences reflect Catholic traditions and are meaningful and relevant to our contemporary world.

The Mary Mackillop ‘holding cross’ is used as the symbol for our Vision for Learning.


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